Hey, LG: How's that 'Software Upgrade Center' going?

Hey, LG: How's that 'Software Upgrade Center' going?

Back in April, LG came out with an almost laughably bold declaration: The company infamous for treating Android software updates as an afterthought was breaking new ground by opening a “Software Upgrade Center” — and not just any “Software Upgrade Center,” mind you, but the industry’s “first such facility aimed at providing customers worldwide with faster, timelier smartphone operating system and software updates.”

Um, right.

As I said at the time, LG’s history with Android upgrades made me pretty darn skeptical that this was anything more than an inconsequential marketing stunt. LG, y’see, has not only been among the worst performers when it comes to post-sales software support — with a lovely zero percent “F” ranking on my most recent Android Upgrade Report Card — but it also has a funny habit of pairing its obvious indifference with a shocking level of bravado.

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