How to use your iPad Pro to replace your laptop (Part 5)

How to use your iPad Pro to replace your laptop (Part 5)

We’re looking at how you can use your iPad Pro to replace your laptop. I thought it might be useful to share some of the many useful utilities that help you get more things done than you knew were possible on Apple’s iPad Pro.

Episode guide:

  1. Part OneiPad Equipment
  2. Part TwoKeyboard, Typing, Shortcuts, and Dictation tips
  3. Part ThreeHow to multitask on iPad Pro
  4. Part FourHow to use Apple’s Files app and tags

There’s an app for that

Apple’s new iPad Pro is a foundation platform for future vision and implementation in the tablet space. If you look, you’ll often find that in almost every case, you can get your hands on an app that will help you get things done. All the same, there are always a few useful apps you should think about installing on your iPad for when you need them.

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