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Use our simple quote calculator to see how much money you can save. You can even compare the price to the cost of employing an internal IT team. 

We have some clever tech that will deliver first class support and customer service to your business to make sure you are never having problems or downtime. 

                First Class Customer Service

                Quick Resolution Times 

                Technologies to remediate issues

                Monitoring & Security included

How Many People Use Your System ?

Business Critical Systems ?

Business Hour & Support Days




Remote Support

Email Support using our ticketing systems & remote help


Remote & Phone Support

Email Support direct phone support & remote help


Remote, Phone, Onsite Support

Email Support direct phone remote support & onsite engineer


Dedicated Administrator

full time 9am - 5pm dedicated administrator for all yout IT needs (Active directory, onboarding new starters, processing leavers)


The Combined Package (Support & Consultancy)

for unlimited support & unlimited consultancy from OUR TEAM with our 15 years experience


Total amount of selected packages


Internal Savings



Cloud Tech Solutions have understood our technologies and assisted with supporting our new start up. Thanks CTS.

Gareth Bishopstone, Estate Agent

Excellent work. Very good response time, very good rates for a small business like myself.

Rajesh, Accounting

What happens when you submit your Quote?

1: Enter your details into the form

Once you enter your details into the form below the quote, this will trigger an email to let us know you are interested in taking our IT Support services, we will then call to confirm all your requests. 

2: Send you a Proposal

We will then send you a proposal with option to pay online for your services required. This will outline everything you've added to your quote and anything additional we have discussed that needs support. This happens on the same day so no waiting times.

3: Start Supporting your business

We will then immediately start supporting your business and monitor all your systems. We have some clever tech that will deliver first class support and customer service to your business to make sure you are never having problems in the office as well as out of hours. 

Current Service Level Performance

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Customer Satisfaction

What are my options?

We provide all the services you need to keep your business IT running smoothly

Unlimited User Support

We have the infrastructure to support 1 to an unlimited amount of users. Use the toggle in the quote form to set the amount of users you would like us to support. 

Business Critical Systems

This will give us an indication of how many business critical systems you would like us to support. For example Microsoft Office, Photoshop or custom applications your business uses. We will be able to discuss these important systems with you over the phone or via email.

Business Support Hours & Days

We cover business critical hours. 9am to 5pm & 9am to 7pm GMT (UK). Our business days also stretch to the weekends. If you require any other additional hours/days please let us know.

What do you get with Remote Support

Remote support has worked well for many businesses joining CTS. This includes support via email only and upon investigating the issue we will contact you via email to resolve the issue. If the issue requires us to remote into your machine you will also get this with this option to resolve your IT issues. 

What do you get with Remote & Phone Support

Remote & Phone support gives you the ability to pick up the phone and call us whenever you have an issue. This includes Email support. 

What do you get with Remote, Phone & Onsite Support

Remote, Phone & Onsite support gives you the full package. This gives you the ability to Email, Phone and if we cannot resolve the issue over the phone we will come to your premises and fix the issue. We have some excellent tools which minimises downtime and waiting for an onsite engineer. 

What do you get with Dedicated Administrator

Dedicated Administrator is for business who want a remote IT administrator dedicated to there business during your selected hours. This will be someone you and your users can call everyday to process new starters, off board leavers, maintain your network and security, Active Directory management, Call Management (Telephony). 

What do you get with The Combined Consultancy Package

The Combined Consultancy Package will give you unlimited IT support (Remote & Phone Support) and unlimited consultancy time. This will give you the ability to call us and discuss any business requirements you have that needs an IT consultant to look into for you. For example you need us to consult you on the best laptops for your business or how to move away from Outlook to Gmail. 

Computer & Server Support

We provide on-site support where required and remote support between the hours/days of your choice from our London based help desk, utilising phone, email and remote desktop facilities. 97% of our support issues are handled remotely however if this isn't the case we will come onsite within that day or 24 hours. 

IT Procurement  

Ever needed 5 laptops built to your company standard and delivered before your new starter begins work. Do you need servers, printers, phones or headsets then we can provide this service no matter what level you join us at. 

Cloud Tech Solutions promises.  

Although we’re specialists in IT, one of the things that make CTS so successful is the fact that we understand business and our team is consistently growing with you. We are a UK based team that emphasise on customer support and delivering first class solutions for all your IT needs. We work on a very close knit team of remote agents in the UK who are dedicated to solving all your problems. Our remote model is praised upon as our clients cant emphasis enough on how good our support is to their business. 

If you have any questions that you would like to run through then please call us on 0203 488 3988 or arrange a free 30 min consultation by clicking the Let's Talk button on the bottom right hand corner.