Throwback Thursday: But it WILL stay dry

Throwback Thursday: But it WILL stay dry

Electrical fire breaks out above the ceiling tiles in this server room, reports a pilot fish in the know.

“In the past, the room was a large mainframe room and was protected by a Halon fire-suppression system,” fish says. Nowadays the room just contains half a dozen racks of servers and network gear.

The Halon system is still working when that ceiling fire breaks out, but it isn’t triggered. Trouble is, there aren’t any smoke sensors above the ceiling tiles.

Fortunately, the fire smolders for quite a while, and thanks to an alert security guard, there’s just minor water and smoke damage to unoccupied areas of the big room.

Some time later, management decides to get rid of the Halon system and replace it with a sprinkler system.

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