The two fatal flaws with Android 10's gestures

The two fatal flaws with Android 10’s gestures

I’ve been thinking a lot about gestures lately — not friendly gestures, mind you, or even not-so-friendly gestures of the single-fingered variety, but rather the sorts of gestures we swipe onto our screens and use to get around our phones.

Android 10, as you probably know by now, introduces a whole new system of gestures into the operating system. And, well, they’re kind of a mixed bag.

Now, don’t get me wrong: Android 10’s gestures have absolutely gotten better since their awkward debut early on in the development process. And by and large these days, they’re pretty pleasant to use (once you get used to ’em, anyway). But they still have really some vexing elements involved — ways in which using them feels clunky and completely suboptimal. And I’ve finally put my finger on exactly what those issues are.

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