The secret to smarter package tracking on Android

The secret to smarter package tracking on Android

With as much online ordering as most of us tend to do these days, tracking packages is practically a full-time job — especially if you’re mildly insane like I am and just have to know exactly when every delivery’s arriving.

Well, my fellow nutjobs, I’m happy to tell you there’s an incredibly effective way to become master of your package-tracking domain. After endless searching and experimentation (hey, sounds like my 20s!), I’ve finally found a fantastic system for tracking packages on Android — one that’s vastly superior to the limited and generally lackluster setup provided by Google Assistant.

Like most worthwhile efficiency hacks, this system has the potential to be completely automated — so once you set it up, everything will Just Work™, with little to no ongoing effort on your part. All you’ll have to do is sit back, relax, and bask in the joy of always knowing exactly what packages are heading your way at any given moment and exactly when they’re slated to reach your smiling mouth (insert your own innuendo here).

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